Self-Moving Service

This is a low budget moving service option where we ONLY provide a moving truck with an experienced driver to safely door deliver your office and/or household items to your new office or home, leaving the other parts of moving processes, i.e. disassembling of furniture, packing, loading/offloading, unpacking and assembling furniture to be handled by the client.

This service is most preferred by those clients with enough time or prefers to do the packing/unpacking themselves, and have extra manpower from friends, colleagues, relatives, workers to assist them with loading/offloading of items consequently saving them some money.

Despite this service providing a low budget alternative to clients’ that want to save some money in their next move, it also has some limitations of time as well as safety of clients belongings caused mainly by in experiences of the persons who assist them in moving, resulting in the moving process taking a longer time or/and items getting damaged.

The client however, has the option to hire our experienced team of movers to assist him/her with the technical bit of the move such as specialized packing (of specific items), disassembling /assembling of furniture and/or any other part of the moving process whenever required at an extra cost.