Ceremony Gift Handlers

The ceremony gift handling service is offered to clients holding events and occasions such as weddings, send-offs, kitchen party, graduation, etc., where they receive many valuable gifts. LGV Movers comes in and handles the gifts at the gift table to ensure that no damages or losses occur.

Our ceremony gift handling service entails the following:

Packing/Wrapping – We pack/wrap all gifts that are not well packed using the best packing materials available in the market. This is so to prevent these items from getting damaged during handling and transportation.

Gift Consolidation – during packing/wrapping we put together gifts according to their type, i.e. the glassware go together, the catteries, etc. This is so to ensure that none of the gifts received on that day ends up missing.

Gift labelling and Inventory – During packing, we do labelling and taking up inventory of gift items. This is to ensure all items received on that day are well documented, and delivered as it is. This helps the owner in cross checking whether all the items in the inventory list has been delivered and also helps when unwrapping the items.

Security – If necessary we provide security for the gift table on the day of the event, so to prevent theft of items especially those that are small in size.

Loading and offloading – Our team consisting of a minimum of two (2) packers/movers and a supervisor will be available for loading on to and offloading from our moving truck all the gift items.

Transportation – After the event, we transport the gift items to the client’s premises. We then check against the Gift Inventory to make sure all items are delivered.