About Us

LGV Movers is one of the leading companies in East Africa offering moving and storage services. Whether you need an expert in cross border moving services, house removals, business relocation services or storage within East Africa, LGV Movers has the expertise to ensure a smooth moving plan with no hassles. 

We have over time managed to expand our service range and revolutionize the market to ensure we are the key industry players in East Africa. We totally understand the stress, anxiety and fears involved with moving and relocating to another place and as such through our professionalism, we are dedicated to helping our clients move and relocate easily to homes and/or offices at an affordable price.

We have highly trained, trustworthy and courteous staff team who assist our clients in all aspects of home and office relocation by engaging in open communication, providing moving tips and tools and simply being there for you.

Why Choose Us

We understand that moving can be quite a painful experience and so we strive to make it as painless as possible. Our key focus and goal is to understand our clients experience from their point of view and ensure that we offer the best solution. Our affordable rates, professional moving crew and most efficient moving equipment will always ensure a hassle free move.

We are affiliated to LGV Real Estate Consultants and part of LGV Group - Africa.

Our Core Values

    • • Accountability


      • • Integrity


        • • Transparency


          • • Honesty


            • • Responsibility


              • • Professionalism